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Summer Startup: Build & Launch a mobile app in one month

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It’s that time of the year when our community builds & launches the apps we always wanted to build, but didn’t have time. Let’s challenge ourselves and build something impactful in just one month during…

✨Summer Startup 2023✨

I’m excited to announce our second edition of the Summer Startup event. During August we invite our community and all notJust Developers to build that app that you always wanted to build, and never found time for it.

The truth is, lack of time is never the problem. We all have the same 24h a day.

Most probably, you have doubts if your idea will work or not. If you will manage to pull it off. What if it doesn’t work? Or, where do I even start?

But, without giving it a try, you will never know.

That’s where the Summer Startup "hackathon" comes into play. Within just one month, you will challenge yourself to build and launch the V1 of your app. It might not be perfect, but it will be more than you thought you could build in just 30 days.

The most important part is that you will learn more by building a real app in 30 days than you can learn from any tutorials out there.

Why join?

1. Test your Idea

This is your chance to test an app idea you wanted to build. Because it’s time-based, in just one month you will validate and see if there is a need for your app.

2. Collaborate with other mobile developers

You are not alone. Our discord community will be the place where everyone working on their ideas will get together, share their learnings, and help each other launch their apps.

3. Learn! Learn! Learn!

Honestly, I learned the most from my experience founding and building multiple startups. More than the university managed to teach me in 4 years.

4. Weekly Calls with Vadim (PRO members only)

Every Thursday during the Summer Startup event, I will host a Q&A session with members of our PRO Community.

5. A chance to present at Demo Day

3 of the best projects from our PRO Community, will have the opportunity to present their projects at the Demo Day.

🎁 The GRAND Prize

The GRAND prize, that you are guaranteed to win if you give your best is the app that you will launch.

As cheesy as it sounds, I believe that there is nothing better for a mobile developer than an app that they build and launched to real users. There are multiple outcomes from this:

  • The app works, and you continue working on it
  • The app fails, but you have learned so much from this experience
  • You have an app that you can add to your portfolio

What to expect?

During the Summer Startup event, I myself will start the journey of building and testing one mobile app idea. I will do that Live on youtube, to showcase what it takes to build it, and will share with you more insights into all the steps it takes to build an app from 0 to market in 30 days.

In the livestreams, I will cover the whole process, from building the UI in the first week to launching the app on AppStore and Play store by the end.

I will go live 2 times a week, every Tuesday and Friday at our usual time (3 PM GMT+1).

Every Thursday at 3 PM GMT+1, I will host a Q&A session with members from our PRO Community.


We have set up some channels on our public Discord server for people that are joining the Summer Startup.

Make sure to say hi and let us know what will you be working at.

✨ PRO Community ✨

With the Launch of the Summer Startup, I am excited to announce that we are Launching our PRO Community for all the dedicated developers that are learning and building exciting projects.

Our PRO Community is the place where all Academy students gather to collaborate, ask for help and share their experience with others, while growing together as full-stack developers.

Now, you have the chance to join it at a much more affordable price compared to our premium courses.

During the Summer Startup event, I will host weekly Q&A sessions inside our PRO Community and will make more time in my day to help all of you build a project.

The best part about it is that during August, we have a launch promotion with a 50% discount.

Become PRO

Demo Day

The Demo Day will be held on 1st September, live on the channel.

3 Projects from the PRO Community, will have a chance to present their projects to the world.

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