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Build a Local-First Finance app with Expo & WatermelonDB

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Vadim SavinApr 21, 2024

Ever thought of creating your own finance app that works lightning fast and keeps your data safe right on your device? If so, this video tutorial is exactly what you need!

What You Will Learn

This video is a step by step into configuring your environment, building the user interface and integrating it with a solid local first database. Whether you're planning to manage personal finances or develop a commercially viable financial product, this tutorial provides the foundation you need.

  • React Native & Expo Setup: Start with the basics of setting up your development environment using Expo
  • WatermelonDB Integration: Discover how to integrate WatermelonDB, a powerful local database designed to scale with complex applications. You'll learn how to install and configure WatermelonDB within your React Native projects to handle data efficiently and reliably.
  • Designing a User Interface: Learn how to design a clean, user-friendly interface.
  • Data Management: We'll cover creating and managing local databases, implementing expense tracking, and syncing data across devices.

Why Watch This Video?

Local-first apps are not just a trend; they are the future of personal data privacy and offline functionality. By storing data locally, your app will perform faster and work more reliably, providing a seamless user experience even when offline. WatermelonDB, with its synchronization capabilities, ensures that your app can handle complex, large-scale data much easier

Ready to start building? Open the tutorial in a new tab and let’s start building!

Happy coding! πŸš€

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