Instagram Stories in React Native with Reanimated | DEVember Day 18

Part of:  #DEVember React Native Marathon  

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Vadim SavinMar 1, 2024

Day 18 of #DEVember and today we have an exciting tutorial on creating Instagram Stories in React Native, powered by the dynamic Reanimated library! In this session, we're going to build an Instagram Story Component from scratch using React Native 0.73. You’ll learn how to craft engaging animations and interfaces that mimic the fluidity and responsiveness of Instagram Stories. This tutorial is ideal for developers looking to enhance their UI/UX design skills and delve into advanced animations in React Native.

📚 Today's Agenda:

  • Overview of Instagram Stories and UI Components
  • Setting Up the React Native Environment
  • Creating the Story Component Structure
  • Implementing Animations with Reanimated
  • Testing and Optimizing Story Animations
  • Integrating the Story Component into our App
  • Final Review

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