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Render Videos with ReactJS and Remotion

Render Videos with ReactJS and Remotion

Oct 19, 2023 2:00 PM


Hey notJust Developers!

We're super excited to bring you another exclusive event for our PRO members! This time, we're exploring the fascinating world of video rendering with ReactJS, and we've got a special guest to guide us through it.

Meet the Speaker 🎤

Jonny Burger, the brilliant mind behind Remotion, will be leading this session. If you're unfamiliar, Remotion is a groundbreaking tool that allows developers to programmatically create and render videos using ReactJS. Jonny's expertise doesn't stop there; he's also the genius behind the Github Unwrapped in 2021 and 2022. And guess what? This year, Github contracted him for the project!

Event Spotlight 🎥

We’ll dive deep into the mechanics of how Github Unwrapped was built. This workshop will serve as a comprehensive tutorial on rendering videos with ReactJS, giving you insights and hands-on experience with this innovative approach.

Tech Stack Highlights:

  • Video Rendering: Learn the art and science of creating videos programmatically with ReactJS.
  • Remotion: Get hands-on experience with this powerful tool and understand its capabilities and applications.
  • Behind the Scenes: Discover the process and techniques used in creating the renowned Github Unwrapped.

Where & When?

Mark the date! October 19th at 3pm GMT +1. This workshop will be hosted on our private notJust.Community Discord channel for our PRO members. Ready to learn and build together?

See you on Discord! 🚀


Jonny Burger profile picture

Jonny Burger

Creator of Remotion, a React framework for creating videos programmatically.