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notJust Hack - Demo Day

The notJust.Hack event came to an end and I am excited to share with you all the projects that have been developed during the last 3 days.

You can watch the Demo Day Livestream here:

🎁 Prizes

We have prepared exciting prizes for the best projects

✨ 3 Winners

  • $500 πŸ’°
  • notJust Dev TShirt
  • Stream swag
  • Nhost swag

✨ 3 Runner ups

  • $250 πŸ’°
  • notJust Dev TShirt
  • Stream swag
  • Nhost swag

1 Special prize from Stream for their favorite project

  • $300 Amazon Gift Card
  • Stream swag

1 Special prize from Nhost for their favorite project

  • Nhost Pro plan for 24 months (worth $600)
  • 1h Startup-coaching session with Johan Eliasson, CEO / Founder of Nhost

1 Special prize from notJust Academy



1. Introvert Diaries

Changing the thoughts of people

2. Yummy Donation

This app allows people to donate excess food to people or ngo

3. Shot.AI

Screenshot Manager

4. Handy Helper

On demand Home Service Booking

"When looking to book for handyman services, we always find few websites and look into their services to see if we can find the service(s) we need. And to book for the services, we have to call the company and book via telephone. And once, they are done with their job, we pay for the services in-person. This process seems daunting especially when you need to book for different services but needs to browse through various websites until you can find one that offers all the service you needed and at the same time, provides fast services. Now coming to our project, we wanted to build a Application as well as Website where user can find almost all the services that are needed, and at the same time, they can book and pay for their services online within few clicks. Thus, combining all the different process into one."

5. Self Evolve

It’s an emotional diary, simply you write down your thoughts and select the emotion you feeling to understand yourself more clearly.

6. Pettie

Pettie helps to keep track of your pets and keep them healthy by keeping track of their diet.

7. Hamro World Cup - FIFA World Cup 2022 updates

"The app gives you the update about all of the live matches, the upcomming matches and all of the previous matches.

  1. If match is already completed, it gives information about who scored goal, who got yellow card,etc.
  2. If the match is happening, it updates the UI live with the same details as previous matches.
  3. If the match is scheduled in future, it gives the simple countdown.

Also, you can hang out with other football fans live inside of the app with integrated chat feature."

8. Mero Room

Mero room is an application which makes the connection between room owner and room seeker. The main motive of the app is to solve the problem of layman people who suffers while searching for the room.


A mobile app that helps schools manage the computation of test and exams records to generate results without stress

10. Cura

Modern, video-based dating app

11. Fitlogs

Connect, track, and share gym progress with friends

12. MarketBuzz

This is a platform designed for influencer marketing where Brands can directly connect to the Influencer of desired domain.

13. PillPocket

PillPocket is a platform where users will be able to store their medical prescriptions and schedule reminders for medicines. The prescriptions will be stored in the cloud and users can link reminders to the prescription itself. By using a custom OCR (to be developed in the future), the app will extract reminders from the handwritten prescription itself.

14. Chatup

A platform where people can chat with one another being anonymous and based on their interest

15. Parkit

A parking space app

16. Sugo

Sugo is a general services application that uses maps to discover where the client wants the freelancer to work or meet.

17. PinLand

Map out your land in different places.

18. Canteen App

It gives students the additional option to make the payment to the canteen owners of their university by promising that they will pay the amount later and the transactions and passbook data is saved in our backend.

And the winners are πŸ₯

Congrats to all the participants. You are all the winners today, and the best prize is the application that you have built during the last 3 days.

Our special prizes go to the best projects based on the votes from 4 judges.

✨ 3 Winners

  • MarketBuzz
  • Handy Helper
  • Cura

✨ 3 Runner ups

  • Mero Room
  • Yummy donations
  • PillPocket

1 Special prize from Stream


1 Special prize from Nhost


1 Special prize from notJust Academy

  • Hamro World Cup - FIFA World Cup 2022 updates


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