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Meet 17 startups started during notJust Startup Challenge

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Vadim SavinFeb 29, 2024

The #notJustStartup Challenge approached the final phase.

During the last 7 weeks, I challenged the #notJust Development community to build their dream startups. Projects that they always wanted to build, but never found time for it. We all have these ideas in the back of our head of projects and apps we want to build, but for some reason we never end up starting them.

Not until now!

I am so excited to introduce you all the 17 startups that were started in the past 7 weeks.

At the bottom of the page, you can find more details about the voting process.

Demo Day

The Demo Day will be live streamed on youtube channel on 12th August at 3 PM GMT+1.

We will present all the pitches and at the end will run the voting and we will also announce the winners. So make sure to watch it live here:


1. YourFace

A youtube video comments sections allowing for face to face communication.

2. The Realtors

The Realtors is a platform that allows users who are real estate agents upload their available property for rent and/or sale, it also allows users who are individuals or companies searching for landed property for rent or purchase the opportunity explore various options.

3. MeSquared

Gamified habit, dream, and affirmation tracking app

4. Umm

Umm, is a private social media messaging app for the generation'Z

5. FEO - Event Organizer

Provide the businesses and organizations a simple and powerful event organizer. Leading teams from planning, confirming, approving, publishing, registering and hosting successful public events.

6. Makrverse

Makrverse turn inventors into entrepreneurs. With the rising availability of home manufacturing, more and more people build tech inventions. Our goal is to decentralise manufacturing and bring tailor-made technologies to your doorsteps.

7. Academe

Academe is a messaging platform for students to share and receive advice and educate each other on various academic matters such as the college application process, high school experience, and more.

8. Bokiii

Bokiii is an app to take action and make an impact towards making the world a better and more sustainable place. AjypkaxYWqg

9. Dyce

A freelancing platform for all skills especially non tech related skills.

10. RealTime Food Ordering Application

When i was 14 i was hired for my first coding job, i developed full stack food ordering application for a pizza place in my country - in a really low level code using react native and express, now after serval years i learned new technologies and improved my coding skill and decided to rebuild the exact project but with a realtime notifications and server integration, modern technologies and most important part decided for it to be a website in order to access server side features like prisma, moreover i developed another version that is using mongodb, react & express. It is really so clean coded and handled to a level where errors canโ€™t even be made and Iโ€™m pretty happy about the results as my github profile got me a lot of job offers on linkedin

11. Zona TryOut

An e-commerce which sell an examination tryout like a computer based test in online web apps.

12. Nimbi - Rate Photos & Bios

Where people can post pictures and bios without being revealed and will get ratings anonymously.

13. Valorant Pro Lineups App

Valorant Pro Lineup is a app that contain all of the lineups for each character and map. Valorant player can easily view this lineups and become pro at Valorant

14. Incog

Incog is a private social network where you can create a vibrant, secure , open and private social community that stimulates free and open conversation. The main Moto of incog is โ€˜The truth we all know, but agree not to talk aboutโ€™.

15. Eyesight

Revolutionizing the idea of visual accessibility for everyone, all from your phone, right from your pocket.

16. Moodsica

A social network to share and discover new music with your friends

17. Oxygen

Oxygen is about making life easier for people by making deliveries faster and quicker and more affordable than others

Now, it's time for voting

Now it's time to vote for the startups that you consider should win our pitching competition.

The rules are simple:

  1. Vote for 1, 2 or 3 preferred startups
  2. Every vote counts as 1 point
  3. You can vote only once, but you can edit your response as long as the voting process is still going

Vadim Savin profile picture

Vadim Savin

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Let me introduce myself

I started my career as a Fullstack Developer when I was 16 y.o.

In search of more freedom, I transitioned to freelancing, which quickly grew into a global software development agency ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Because that was not challenging enough, I started my startup which is used by over 20k users. This experience gave another meaning to being a (notJust) developer ๐Ÿš€

I am also a proud ex-Amazon SDE and Certified AWS Architect, Developer and SysOps. You are in good hands ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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