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Build a Voting App with React Native and Supabase

Want to create your own poll/voting application but donโ€™t know how? In this tutorial we guide you through the entire process of building such an app using React Native and Supabase.

What You Will Learn

This video is a step by step guide for building a straightforward poll/voting application using React Native, Expo and Expo Router for the Frontend and Supabase for the Backend. It serves as an excellent resource for developers looking to understand the integration of React Native with a powerful backend like Supabase and learn about handling user authentication and real-time data.

Key Features of the App:

  • Create polls: Users can easily set up new polls.
  • View all polls: All available polls are displayed for user participation.
  • Vote: Users can cast their votes anonymously.
  • See results: Post-vote, the results are immediately available.

Tech Stack and Implementations:

  • React Native and Expo: Used for setting up the mobile app framework.
  • Expo Router: Manages advanced in-app navigation.
  • Supabase Integration: Acts as the backend providing real-time data syncing and operations.
  • Supabase Auth with anonymous sign-ins: Ensures secure and anonymous user authentication.
  • State Management: Handles user inputs and app state effectively.

Why Watch This Video?

By the end of this tutorial, youโ€™ll have a fully functional voting app where users can create polls, view all available polls, vote, and see results instantly.

If youโ€™re ready to get your hands dirty and build the application yourself, open the detailed tutorial of this project in a new tab and letโ€™s start coding.

See you there! For now, remember to stay hydrated and write clean code ๐Ÿš€

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