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Building an e-Scooter App with React Native, Mapbox and Supabase

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Vadim SavinJun 28, 2024

I always found Lime and Bird scooters fascinating, and one day I wondered: how hard would it be to build an app like that? So I thought, why not go live and try to create a complete e-scooter rental app? In this project, I'll guide you through building both the front end with React Native and Mapbox, and the backend with Supabase, so that by the end, you'll have a fully functional ride-sharing app.

Technologies Used

  • React Native: To build a smooth and intuitive mobile interface.
  • Mapbox: For rendering scooters on the map and providing navigation features.
  • Supabase: For handling authentication, database management, and API integration for the backend.

Key Features

  • Map Integration: Display and interact with e-scooters on a live map using Mapbox.
  • Navigation: Implement direction and navigation features to guide users to available scooters.
  • User Authentication: Secure user login and registration using Supabase.
  • Database Management: Store and manage user data and scooter availability in a Supabase database.
  • API Integration: Connect the frontend with the backend to handle user interactions and data processing.

Why Build this Project?

Building this project is more than just creating an app; it's about learning and growth. You'll gain hands-on experience with powerful tools and technologies like React Native and Supabase, which are in high demand in the industry.

This project will enhance your understanding of full-stack development, covering both frontend and backend integration. Plus, it's a fun and engaging way to develop practical skills that can be applied to other projects. So with that being said, if you're looking to expand your portfolio, learn new skills, or just enjoy the process of building something cool, this project is for you.

Ready to ride? Open the video in a new tab and let's get building! 🛴🔥

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Vadim Savin

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