Building a Weather App with React Native | #DEVember Day 8

Part of:  #DEVember React Native Marathon  

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Vadim SavinMar 1, 2024

This is DAY 7 of #DEVember and today is all about combining functionality with aesthetics as we build a Weather App using React Native. We'll walk through the process of fetching real-time data from a public API and displaying it in a user-friendly interface. This is an excellent opportunity for developers who want to enhance their API integration skills and develop an app that is both informative and visually appealing.

📚 Today's Agenda:

  • Use React Native and Expo to setup an environment for our Weather App
  • Choosing and Integrating a Weather API
  • Designing the App Interface
  • Fetching and Displaying Weather Data
  • Handling API Responses and Errors
  • Styling and User Experience Enhancements
  • Recap and Discussion

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